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WHY? Your obligations.


Data Privacy Laws 

All organisations are subject to these laws, possibly you also belong to a regulatory body who will specifically state that data must be secure, not retained for longer than is necessary and disposed of correctly.  Correctly? What does this mean?

This can appear a little ambiguous, what is correct for one organisation may not be correct for another. Additionally you are likely to have differing classifications of data within your own business. This is an area which requires a brief consultation with our industry experts enabling you to make an informed decision regarding the most suitable process for you.



Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is a complex mixture of materials and components that because of their hazardous content, and if not properly managed, can cause major environmental and health problems. The first WEEE Directive (Directive 2002/96/EC) entered into force in February 2003. The latest WEEE Recast Directive 2012/19/EU became effective on 14th February 2014.

Let’s make it simple. Once an item is deemed to be of no further use to your business it is classified as waste, the Environment Agency have clear guidelines regarding this and your responsibility to dispose of WEEE using a company who hold the necessary licenses to treat this waste.


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