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Secure Collection and Disposal of IT and Mobile Assets


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IT Equipment


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Data Destruction


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Mobile Devices

Managing your end of life IT assets and peripherals is understandably not top of your list of priorities. Never the less, these items present security and environmental hazards as well as possibly taking up unnecessary storage space. Our role is to remove this annoyance for you, provide a clear audit record for you ensuring your business can prove it has fully complied with all its legal obligations.

This is very much our area of expertise, without this our company name means nothing. There can be no shortcuts where data eradication is concerned. We can perform data erasure or physical destruction using CESG, DIPCOG, NATO and DOD approved products and processes. All processes are discussed and agreed with the client prior to any data bearing assets being removed from your premises.

Mobile phones and tablets are often overlooked when a data security policy is written, yet these items can hold a large number of your company documents, passwords, contacts and even log your precise location.

We treat these as we would a PC or laptop and securely erase all data providing you with an audit of all devices which have been sanitised.

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